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About the Artist: Alexis Michaut

Alexis Michaut is a photographer who currently splits his time between Greenville, South Carolina and Paris, France. His artistic landscape and urban photography captures the motion and emotion of the moment.

His work is led by his three main passions: nature & adventure, photography, and of course the need to share his vision and experience.

His passion for adventure and nature has led him to explore, learn, and understand places and environments.

His passion for image and photography led him to look at things differently, search, and observe. It fosters and nourishes the present and his curiosity. His vision merges the esthetics, the emotion, and the ideal light to magnify his subject.

His photography express his desire to show and share these moments, to awaken the creativity, the beauty, and the wonder of the world around us, and encourage us to look at it differently.
Alexis’s work can currently be seen at Galerie in Paris, on his website, as well as Facebook, and Instagram.
For more detail, you can contact him at