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Newsletter: 3rd Quarter, 2018

From the Team

Robert Coleman CLU, CLTC, CFP, is a seasoned Wealth Management Advisor with an affinity for the outdoors. When Rob is not in the office you will find him spending time with his two golden retrievers (Toohey and Trigger), hunting, or fishing. A native South Carolinian, Rob, is very active with South Carolina chapters of Ducks Unlimited and the Coastal Conservation Association. Running Memorial Day through Labor Day the CCA’s Star Tournament will help raise money while providing 101 days of challenging competition. We are wishing Rob luck in catching the star tagged redfish!

For more information, click on Ducks Unlimited and the Coastal Conservation Association


Reminder: Back to School

In 2018 some major changes to 529 College Saving Plans were rolled out. Now up to $10,000 a year can be used at a K5-12 private or religious school. Money contributed to a 529 account is tax deductible in most states and grows tax free. Talk to your FVWA advisor about how a 529 plan might help you, your child, or grandchild reach their education goals.

Further Reading

Monitoring the impact of news domestically and abroad is crucial in our ability to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Here are three articles we would recommend for the second quarter:

1. What NYU’s Stunning Move to Give All Medical Students Free Tuition Really Means

2. Genetic Tests Can Hurt Your Chances Of Getting Some Types Of Insurance

3. Here’s what businesses are saying about the Trump administration’s proposed tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods

Note: These are not the expressed opinions of our team, merely articles we consider to be topical research.

Product Feature

We are big believers in managing assets in accordance with your financial plan. We believe its important to mitigate risk by diversifying your assets in accordance with your risk profile and time horizon. Our portfolios are made up of a variety of Mutual Funds and ETFs  that work in tangent to accomplish this. Here is a quick spotlight on a fund you’ll find in many of our portfolios:

Fund Name: T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth – TRBCX

Cost per share: $112.39 (as of 8/24/2018)

Top three reasons we like it:

  1. This fund receives a Morningstar Analyst rating of Gold.
  2. Fund performance has received a top 20 percentile rank in the US Large Cap Growth Category in 7 of the last 10 years. Currently in the 14th percentile rank.
  3. Our target manager tenure is 5 years, the fund’s manager tenure is an impressive 25 years.


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