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Reflections from our Bookshelf: I Am Here

I Am Here
By: Ashley Lemieux
Reflection by: Heather Cole


Why I read it?

About a year ago I started following the author on Instagram. She was a typical “influencer” with ads and giveaways, but her life story is what kept me from hitting the “unfollow” button. She and her husband unexpectedly lost custody of their children when their adoption was contested, and she refers to it as “the greatest loss of [her] life.” She used it as momentum to help others in the midst of her pain – to say, “I am here for you while you go through this.” She is open about her past and the pain she’s gone through, but now she seems fulfilled and happy.

What is it all about?

“I Am Here” is geared toward people who question why bad things happen and how to recover from them. She gives thoughtful, realistic steps on how she climbed out of her depression following her loss with the help of family, close friends, and professionals pointing her in the right direction. She explains the method she used to understand and pinpoint her purpose, which was shaped by smaller decisions along the way.

What caused me to pause?

If you’re like me and love to see others’ lives on social media or reality TV, someone who is showing you a more genuine blend of the highlight reel and real life is so interesting. The judgmental part of our mind may question why someone would show such deep grief and challenges for thousands of people to see. I would challenge that with, “Why shouldn’t she?” She overcame trauma, so why would she hide that? I think it helps normalize mental health challenges and the false narrative that other people’s lives are perfect.

How will this book change my habits or influence me?

I’m a deep-rooted perfectionist. I don’t want to show people when I’m going through something because it sometimes feels like I’m asking for attention or sympathy. But showing that I don’t have everything together makes me relatable and real – because no one does!

Add this to your reading list if …

You like strategies to organize and prioritize your life! It’s also a great read if you need a reminder that your life isn’t made up of successes and failures. Instead, it’s made of your reactions to those events that shape your purpose. Living with the clarity of your purpose should give you confidence to reach your goals, regardless of your circumstances.

Pickle Rating: 4 out of 5!

Shannon Dermody

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