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Reflections from our Bookshelf: It Takes What It Takes

It Takes What It Takes

By: Trevor Moawad
Reflection by: Rob Coleman

Why I read it?

A good friend of mine saw me walking my dogs and stopped me in the street to chat. He proceeded to hand me a copy of the book and said it changed his life. He said he couldn’t put it down once he got a few chapters in. I figured if it was that impactful for him to stop me in my tracks and force the book on me while my hands were full, I needed to give it a read.

What is it all about?

It is a book about mindset and how to tackle obstacles and life’s challenges with clarity and purpose. The author, Trevor Moawad, was a mental conditioning coach for elite performers and professional athletes. His book teaches his approach to “neutral thinking” which is truth-based thinking. It forces you to remove the emotion, rely solely on the facts of the situation, and concentrate on the solutions to produce the desired outcome:
“Negative, cynical thinking doesn’t make you more realistic. It just makes you negative and cynical. Biased thinking doesn’t help you either. You need to steer clear of your feelings and make an honest assessment of each situation you face. Don’t worry about what you feel. Rely on what you know.”

What caused me to pause?

The concept of “illusion of choice” really caused me to pause. If you really want to achieve something great, your “choices” are finite. And there is a big difference between “options” and “choices.” Moward mentions that “options” are what he calls choices that don’t have real consequences. If you really want something, you will only choose the behaviors that get you closer to that goal.

Moward discusses the set of behaviors that allowed Vince Carter to play 22 seasons in the NBA. Vince Carter made a conscious effort to cut out bad habits and influences from his routine because his goal was to play in the league for as long as he could. Sure, Vince could have partied with his teammates after a win, cheated on his diet or workout routine, but Vince chose not to due to his love of the game. There was no true choice for Vince because his longevity in the league was so important to him. He made many sacrifices and did whatever it took to stay healthy.

How will this book change my habits or influence me?

The book has challenged me to think neutrally and be present. It has helped me stay in the moment by focusing on the facts of the situation and drowning out my emotions. “It’s what you do, not how you feel, that gets things done. We can do our way into feeling the way we need to. It’s hard to feel our way into achieving a damn thing.”

Add this to your reading list if…

You are looking for an easy-to-read guide on improving your mindset and taking control of your personal and professional life. The book is packed with amazing sport stories on how famous athletes have overcome adversity by using Moward’s teachings. The book quickly motivates you to take control and achieve greater success and happiness.

Pickle Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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