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Reflections from our Bookshelf: Your Lion Inside

Your Lion Inside
By: Kimberly Faith
Reflection By: Brittany Orr, RICP®

Why I read it? The book was featured at a Women’s Business Summit I attended in November of last year.  The concept of cultural expectations limiting womens’ success is compelling, so I was interested in the book.

What is it all about? It’s a narrative about seven different women and their stories of the struggles and obstacles they have overcome in their personal and work lives. Each woman had a specific mindset that she struggled with, and the book explained how each individual transformed the way they view themselves.  The author explains that while collective change is important, it takes a balance of collective change and individual change to be impactful. On the individual level, these women prevailed against the mindsets holding them hostage by changing their beliefs, and then changes to their behavior followed.  The book focuses on teaching this process.

What caused me to pause? We can waste time on things that won’t matter in the long run by trying to obtain perfection. Don’t focus on making every little detail flawless, because setting an expectation for perfection puts additional unnecessary pressure on you. An expectation of perfection tends to lead to complete exhaustion because it is an unattainable goal.

How this book will change my habits/influence me? This book was a great reminder that saying no is ok sometimes. I tend to overextend myself by saying yes to everything that is asked of me, whether it’s in the workplace or my personal life. When necessary, I plan to work on changing my mindset by saying no and replacing it with what I am willing to do instead, which will empower me and help change my behavior over time.

Add this to your reading list if… You’re interested in reading motivational stories from successful women in the workplace.  Changing their outlooks helped these women achieve success, and this book could be a refreshing reminder for you too.

Pickle Rating: 3.5/5

Shannon Dermody

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