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Our Purpose

Where is the purpose?

We build life-changing relationships through compassion and world-class advice.

Our purpose: we build life-changing relationships through compassion and world-class advice. High energy, transparency, purposeful collaboration with humility


Being humble is shown when you allow space for self-awareness and growth through valuing others. Some can confuse humility with a lack of confidence, but I see it as a way to observe and learn more about my colleagues.

-Heather Cole


Collaboration means working together not only to accomplish the task at hand, but to lift teammates up in the process. True collaboration involves seeing the value everyone has to bring to the table, and always offering your best.

-Jenny Hagadorn, CFP®


Being your authentic self to clients and coworkers – not trying to be something you’re not. It requires honesty and doing what you say you’ll do to build trust with those around you. What you see is what you get!

-Jonathan McAdams, CFA


Being purposeful means living and acting with intention daily, ultimately making each interaction with a client or team member meaningful. It may feel small in the moment, but it may represent a mountain for the person you’re interacting with.

-Garrett Hyer, CFP®

High Energy

High energy to me means putting your energy into each task with both positivity and enthusiasm.

-Brittany Orr, RICP®