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Unreasonable Hospitality

Unreasonable Hospitality

The Foster Victor team created a book club to encourage personal and professional growth throughout the year in a fun and collaborative way. We use core values as a guiding light by which to do business, and every quarter a book that promotes one of these values is selected.

(humility, transparency, purposeful, high energy, collaboration, or gratitude).

At the end of the year, the team takes a survey for our “Book of the Year.” The 2024 Book of the Year is Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara.

Will Guidara, a former co-owner of a 3-Michelin-Star Restaurant in New York, shares what he did to make their business stand out. Guidara states that their success was less about the food and more so the feelings the guest experienced at the restaurant. He calls this focused effort to going above and beyond “unreasonable hospitality”. The restaurant’s success just happened to be a side effect of those efforts.

The stand-out quote from the book was: “Intention means every decision, from the most obviously significant to the seemingly mundane, matters.” obviously significant to the seemingly mundane, matters.” At Foster Victor, we pride ourselves on this level of intention, knowing that every little puzzle piece helps create a larger picture.

Unreasonable Hospitality challenges you to think critically about the little interactions that happen throughout the day and how we can use those little moments to show that we truly care.

Stop by the Foster Victor bookshelf today to get your copy!

“Unreasonable Hospitality not only reminds us to practice thoughtful service to others, but to cultivate creative experiences for everyone we care about.”


“Unreasonable Hospitality is an incredible compilation of stories that highlight the impact of positive human connection.  The author is an incredible storyteller!  As he shares his experiences the reader can visualize the power of gratitude, enthusiasm and being fully present.  This book will encourage you to reflect and think.  This book will help you realize that it is cool to care.  The act of making someone feel truly welcome is pure magic!”


“Good things seem to always happen when we are others focused. In this book, the author’s NY based restaurant rises to incredible heights because of his team’s focus on each other and their guests. Their attention to detail and selflessness is at the very heart of their culture. This book will change the way you approach the people around you. And, if you own a business, the way you treat your clients and team.”