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About the Artist: Austin Taylor

About the Artist

Our local artist this quarter is a member of the Foster Victor Team! Austin Taylor, our Attorney and Professional Services Team Lead, is also a visual artist. From a young age, Austin discovered that she loved to draw, paint, experiment with color and light, and create in multiple mediums.

In 2018, she began to formulate an idea to combine her love of art with another passion: honoring her late daughter, Holland Grace, and supporting charities that assist families and children during their most challenging times. To that end, H. Grace Gallery was born. The start up process has been extensive – after all, she is a full-time lawyer, wife, and mom to two awesome and ACTIVE kiddos! Keeping after her dream, she’s steadily built the framework around her idea and hopes to fully launch H. Grace Gallery in 2023.

Artist Statement

When I’m painting, drawing, sketching or just coloring with my children, I am both at peace and on the edge of my seat! There’s a sense of calm that comes with doing something you love – and taking time out for yourself – but also EXCITEMENT in the unknown. My mind is going a mile a minute: What will happen if a change the palette? The texture? The orientation?

I rarely know where I’m going with a particular piece… and then suddenly, I’m there. I love that. Just as in life, I’m not always in control of the process, but I trust the result will be exactly what it’s meant to be.