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Comprehensive Planning

Blueprint for Success

A comprehensive financial plan should be based on your goals. Foster Victor offers fee-based planning services whereby we have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in clients’ best interests. Your custom financial planning roadmap will be created by assessing your current financial situation and identifying gaps.

Take a look at our planning paradigm


The initial phase, Discovery, is a comfortable, guided conversation to get to know you and understand your outlook, your immediate focus, and your long-term goals.


In the Commitment phase, we will recommend planning services based on the complexity of your needs.


During the Collaboration phase your priorities will be clearly addressed and we will discuss various financial planning strategies available to you.

Strategy Implementation

In this step, we will make recommendations and suggestions based on our collaboration. These financial planning strategies will create a pathway for you in the near future and over time.

Accountability & Results Management

Long-term results are achieved through consistency and by carefully monitoring and adjusting our approach as needed. We hold you accountable to your plan so you can achieve your goals and stay on the path to success.

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