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Creating a Personal Roadmap

Foster Victor Wealth Advisors believes a sound plan – for today, for tomorrow and for the unexpected – should inform all decisions you make as a client. In order to create a customized plan, we begin with a discovery meeting. It’s here that we start the process of learning about your goals and priorities. You won’t hear us talk about specific investments or services at this early stage. Discovery is about learning—learning about your dreams, any financial anxieties that keep you awake at night and, above all, listening to what you want to achieve.

We also want to discover where you currently stand in terms of investments, insurance, asset allocation strategy and business and estate plans.  In this part of the process, we apply our expertise to look for planning gaps.

Blueprint for success

We then propose creative solutions to close those planning gaps and ensure each component of your plan fits together as assembled pieces of a complex puzzle.

Through the process of strategy deployment we develop your comprehensive financial plan reflecting your goals and advise you on implementing the plan.

Finally, through results management, we ensure you’re confident that the plan will help you achieve your goals over time. Working through it step-by-step with you, we ensure understanding, alignment, and most importantly, agreement that you’re on the right track.

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