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About the Artist: Tim Corzine

Tim Corzine is a landscape and architectural photographer. He and his wife live in picturesque Greenville, South Carolina. Photography and Art have been a part of their lives since early childhood. Seeing the still images of grandparents and parents and sometimes moving images from the motion cameras of the early 1960s inspired his love for photography. Motion pictures are fantastic, but often miss those little moments that when captured in a still image tell so much more of the story and hold so much more meaning. This is why Tim has a passion for photography and the art that can be created with it and through it.

For 40 years, Tim has been lugging his camera around photographing the places he lived and visited. An education in Chemical Engineering led to a 35 year career in manufacturing and consulting, during which, photography was kept as only a hobby. In the last several years, he has become more serious about the artform and has focused on the quality and composition of his work. Tim is an artist member of the Metropolitan Arts Council in Greenville, SC and a juried member of the South Carolina Artisans Center in Walterboro, SC (The Official Folk Art and Craft Center of South Carolina). His photography captures moments and memories chronicling each of our lives. His landscapes express a love of nature and the wonders of this world we all share. As a lover of history and exploration, many of his photographs recall days gone by and memories often forgotten, while his architectural work attempts to capture the old and new structures that create the cityscapes we travel through for work or play every day. With more of a whimsical approach, his abstract and photoart work offer a fun and unique perspective of that singular moment captured in a timeline that is racing past us all.

Tim works primarily in large format high resolution digital images preserved on metal and acrylic surfaces where the detail and color are exquisite. Tim also does commission work and in 2021 was awarded a contract to provide large format custom works on canvas for the newly remodeled dining rooms at Northampton Wine and Dine in downtown Greenville, SC. A few of his works can be found at the SC Artisans Center in Walterboro, SC while limited edition and custom works can be obtained by contacting Tim via his email or website.

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